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Blockchain Technology

Businesses are increasingly affected by the growing pace of technologies, and investing in the future to remain competitive has become critical.

We use our expertise and experience to help clients identify the best solution and match with new blockchain technologies in accordance with market priorities and objectives.

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Infrastructure Financing

XRO Solutions offers clients to successfully develop infrastructure and construction projects based on EPC+F platforms. 

Together with leading construction partners operating in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, XRO Solutions provides clients with advanced financial and technical solutions for large scale projects. 

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Medical supply

Our Medical Supply branch was founded in 2002. From its start the company has been focusing on technical advanced Medical Products, Medicines and Health Facilities.


With our long experience and large network, we are able to rapidly supply governmental needs based on time, quality and quantity

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Together with leading vertically integrated Oil & Gas producers we are able to issue Soft Corporate Offers presented with terms & conditions and confirming our irrevocable corporate and legal responsibility, under penalty of perjury, that we are Ready, Willing and Able to supply product offers from Aramco, Enoc, Oman and Russia.

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We support organizations - large and small - integrating best practice performance management Processes. Providing expert guidance for establishing, running and expanding a successful business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. 

We provide unrivalled consultancy expertise in the areas of Facility Management, Marketing Research, Feasibility Studies, Strategy, Marketing Research, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Accounting & Bookkeeping, Translation Services, Negotiation and Project Development. 

We help businesses to improve their processes within Banking & Finance, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Capital Markets, Legal Services, Commodities, Aviation, IT Systems and Security, Media and Governmental Operations.

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XRO Solutions provides advanced technical solutions for large scale infrastructure projects.  


We bring best construction practices to our clients’ project operations with highly skilled teams and expertise from a chain of experienced construction organisations.

food supply

Achieving stability and stable development lies in a safe and continuous food supply. 


Having identified the only way to ensure a steady access to food in the Middle East, is to establish long term relations with the most eminent suppliers and have full control over the supply chain, including developing innovative logistic solutions, from source origin to the end-user.


Being able to secure the supply from pasture to the Food Dish. 


Financing solutions and investments is one of our Primary business. We have years of experience in working together with governments to develop their national Infrastructure Programs.


After reviewing and assessing clients’ economic and political stability, we are Ready, Willing and Able to implement and finance projects based on a EPC+F business model.

It technology

Our IT specialist teams operate mainly in the Construction, Transport & Logistics, Energy and IT sectors.


The core of the team are very high-end scientists, engineers, IT professionals and computer graphic designers.

Do you want to know more about XRO Solutions and how we can assist with your next project or refine your processes?


Contact us today! 

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